Why is society so herd focused? Why do we all buy the same thing? Why do I need to wear clothing that makes other people envy me? Why can’t I appreciate them for their uniqueness, and them appreciate me for mine?

Why do we need to buy the new Apple product every year, when the percent change from the last phone is less than 5%? Why does the iPhone two years old begin to slow down?

Why does my clothing last me only a few years?

Why do I have three rulers by my desk?

How much of my clothing and goods do I need, versus those bought via impulse and strong marketing? — I dare not know the answer to this question.


Why are universities putting more money into their dormitories than their professors and academic buildings?

Why do we pay for degrees that could be provided in a Library?

Why do we rate professors and see no change if their ratings are poor?

Do students receive the value of their total cost back after graduation?

Is a college education making students smarter than if they had not gone to college?

Spanish/Latino Music:

Why is it so good?

Current song: Yo No Merezco Volver by Morat

The word Why stands out to me. Descartes used this to examine his life. Children use it to examine their surroundings. So, why do people accept the world around them at a certain point? The “that’s how it’s always been” people. Disgusting. That’s called quitting. That’s called being a spectator. Never say that phrase because there is always something you could do to make that no longer the way it is.

I don’t get it.