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Moving Forward beginning with Austin

Austin feels different. Not necessarily as a city. It’s a wonderful city. But it feels different for me from all that I have lived with up to this point. I have lived in Buffalo, Baltimore and Washington, DC. However, with each of these, they all felt the same and none felt like home. Austin feels like home so far. I have not been here very long — 5 days — but the future feels bright. The opportunities feel present. The people are nice. But most importantly, I feel removed from the societal requirement for me…

I put myself first.

You put me first.

You smiled,

But I looked through You.

You smiled.

Your Smile is so beautiful.

I hesitated.

You never hesitated.

The way You see the world…

You see the flower where others see the weeds.

You see the path where others see the struggle.

You see poetry where others see mystery.

You are so Unique.

You scared me.

You made me feel,

But I was not ready for that feeling.

You saw what I saw — a lifetime.

My life shot before my eyes.

I ran.

I was gone without warning.

Without respect.

I fled what scared me.

I avoided the challenge.

I sought refuge in books.

I avoided life.

As a result, I hurt you.

I’m sorry.

Lately, I have been thinking about this notion of working in jobs, even entire industries, that we do not like. Everyone has worked with the eternally pessimistic person that is always trying to leave. I hope to never be this type of person, even while looking for other jobs, because while some people may not be happy in their role, others are very happy. Do not ruin someone else’s work experience because you think your unhappiness is more important.

I work in corporate finance, on the operations side. I straddle between back and middle office. For a period of time…

The key to society is our incentives structure. If you incentivize workers that money creates happiness, then all we will ever see of of business will be ruthless tactics to gain more money. If we tell students that grades are more important than actually learning the material, then we create a lot of people that are good at regurgitating but not retaining.

How we incentivize people is indicative of the results we should expect. If you teach your people to follow processes mindlessly, then you should not expect logical reason when difficult issues arise. …

This term is exceedingly difficult to understand and be. We can fairly easily define originality; however, living and acting and thinking originally is a challenge few are able to meet.

Originality requires a person to think in a unique way, which indicates a separation from the norm of society. I think of Elon Musk. Nothing Elon has done necessarily appears to be original thinking, and yet his thinking is almost entirely original, while based in logic and historical precedence. Yet, Elon sees an entire new world being formed on Mars. …

I often remember back to one special night. If I could produce a movie, it would be about this. I would set the soundtrack to largely mirror that of the soundtrack for The Words. The moment was a combination of both highly tense and extremely excited. This moment in my memory bore little fruit, and yet I treasure this moment over championships, proms, accomplishments — why? Because my family is at the core of my being, and those moments that have been so special have been with them. …

A movie that has firmly grasped my attention for over a year now is Tolkien. I have a selection of friends that know well of my infatuation with this film and do not wholeheartedly mirror my emotional response! Shame, but their loss! Onward!

So, Tolkien — Why Tolkien, Drew? Wonderful question, Drew. Let me tell you. I am at heart an overwhelming idealist. I grasp for that which I do not have, or do not see, and imagine the result coming true, whether possible or not. Love, for instance, is not something I can prove without experiencing it; and yet…

Growing up, I lived next to a family that always set a high and respectable standard for themselves and those around them. The man that set this standard, as far as I am aware, was the father — Evan. Dr. Evan, that is. He set a high standard for himself, and as a result, required that same standard from his family. The ripple effect was very profound, and easily recognizable. This family rather quickly became one to emulate. Now, this is a roundabout way for me to dictate why exactly I am writing for 30 minutes for one month. Dr…


Atop the hill a light shines.

Too far off, too faint.

Shadows manipulated by falling snow.


Horses, chickens, sheep — hay.

The Horses naaaay.

The pasture fills.


The towering trees nestled in snow.


The breeze gently curtsies through the air.






Real smiles

Tan lines

Socks with sandals

Perspiring Corona bottles with limes


Forgetting tomorrow

Kenny Chesney

No Social Media



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